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Process Design Cold Food

Cold storage design and design in general cold storage of food in particular is becoming the print point economic structure services sector – construction.

Refrigeration FV would share the design process food cold storage:

Process design food cold storage

Process design cold storage of food:

– Preparing the ground floor cold storage, check the flatness of ground flax warehouse:

+ Use a plastic pipe, soft, O10, filled with water containing air bubbles and do not have to balance inventory pitch of background.

+ If there are more suitable locations do not distort larger 5mm pitch and then proceed to edit, fix-cause deviations of mà avoid obstacles for installation later this Panel.

+ If there are positions that bias errors smaller 5 mm self calibration print during installation Panel

– Check the size of cold storage premises – V steel mounting bar, U:

+ V beige steel bar fastened stored below ground fixed BETONG Panel used for printing wall during installation.

+ Check so the warehouse design drawings.

Measure the length + width and compare the diagonal to perpendicular of quyết

warehouse platform.

+ Get the point, concrete drilling, shot-list attached bar code V, U under drawings of the background warehouse was


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